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Throughout his life Dennis Watlington has experienced extraordinary highs and deep lows: From the New York City projects to becoming class president at the elite Hotchkiss School in Lakeville, CT. From the crack dens of Harlem to the Hollywood red carpet for the Emmy Awards.


For much of his extraordinary life Dennis has always been looking out for others: From family to street friends, from gang members to elite New England prep school classmates, from prison inmates to Oscar winners, from celebrities to people with special needs and disabilities.


Devastatingly this amazing, intriguing man suffered three massive strokes in June 2011 and now needs our help. As if this roller-coaster life was not enough, Dennis Watlington wants to leave his hospital bed and recover sufficiently to resume giving through his art. He is still making his life meaningful and we can come together to make a difference.


The Trust


We have established this Trust to assist Dennis on his road to recovery. Our mission is to raise funds to first help Dennis get back on his journey with his inspiring story so he can recover in dignity: And also to support the causes which have been core to Dennis’ ability to obtain an education at the highest levels and build the foundations for achievement.

Special Needs Trust


The Dennis Watlington Special Needs Trust is a New York supplemental needs trust which has been established to provide Dennis with goods and services that are not covered by Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid (which only provide limited monies for basic food, shelter and medical care). All monies remaining in the Dennis Watlington Special Needs Trust at Dennis’ death will go to The Hotchkiss School for a scholarship for disadvantaged students in Dennis’ name or to The Boys Club of New York in accordance with the wishes of the donor.


Donate to the 2017 Dennis Watlington Special Needs Trust:


You can donate to the Dennis Watlington Special Needs Trust Online using PayPal (CLICK HERE TO DONATE ) or make out checks to: Dennis Watlington Special Needs Trust and mail to: George Hubbard, 210 East 68th Street, #16C, New York, NY 10065

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The Friends of Dennis would like to express their great appreciation to

everyone who comes together to help and to make a difference.

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